Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday, February 7, 2009

An A-Bomb for A-rod…

Waking up this morning and turning on ESPN news I expected to hear about the previous nights scores and what not.  But no.  It couldn’t be that simple.  There had to be some kind of breaking news flashing at the bottom.

“ is reporting that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003.”

Immediately I turned off the television.  Instead of going through my normal routine of checking,, and, I decided to get some coffee and think about this later.  I then thought maybe  I should blog about this but decided against it because I didn’t have all the facts and was simply running away form reality. 

So after reading the original SI articles and the ESPN ones as well as some Yankees blogs I have come to my own conclusions on the much discussed super star. 

I don’t care.

Just of the boat, this is information that should never have been released into the public.  Rodriguez participated in a voluntary drug test in 2003 and was told that none of the results would be revealed and was to be sealed under court orders.  So none of this is supposed to be public knowledge and whoever has released this information to SI is the real criminal and I wish there were a way of trying them for violating court orders.  So all of this information should be irrelevant and nullified by the fact that it was obtained illegally.  Just the way that evidence obtained without a search warrant is thrown out because permission was not given for the search to be conducted in the first place.

It doesn’t matter to me that he took steroids in the past before it was being tested or even if it was considered wrong.  Whatever happened as happened.  You can say what you want about steroids but it does not give you better hand eye coordination which is what most of hitting is.  Rodriguez has never been on the media’s right side and is constantly being bombarded with questions about his character, marriage, hitting, fielding, kids, contract, image, friendships and of course for him not being "clutch”.  When will it end.  It seems reporters try anything and everything to find something wrong with him. 

Say what you what but A-rod was a star and the best player in baseball way before he tested positive for steroids.  Even before 2000 he had two seasons of 40+ home runs.  I can guarantee by looking at him at that time you would see a scrawny little kid who just had all the god given talent in the world and was using it to max.

Now for those of you who are going to say that the Yankees now have another steroid user on their team and they are full of them.  Well screw that.  The Yankees did not know about any of this and are just as shocked as me or you.  This all just a sad situation that should never have happened and now Alex Rodriguez is going to be the next Barry Bonds and will probably get dirty looks for the rest of his life.  Great job Sports Illustrated!  You just ruined another life.  Kudos to you!  Did someone say Pulitzer?

You don’t deserve it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reality is a cruel woman who throws salt on your wounds..

Cruel mean woman = Nadal  vs. Wounded child = Federer

Nothing was more defining of the legacy that Roger Federer will have to live with than the winners ceremony at the Australian open early last Sunday.

Staying awake until 2:30 a.m on Sunday I was hoping that Federer would finally take down Nadal because he had yet to loose to him in a hard court grand slam final.  You notice how there are such little places or surfaces that he has not been beaten by his arch rival and this was the last straw.  Federer came out of the gates and was nicely broken in the first game but broke back in the second.  So both men were shaky but Federer had to have the edge as he didn’t play a 5 hour semifinal match.

Nadal looked crisp and won the first set as Federer was unable to again unable to hold his serve at the end of the set and I believe he was broken 3 times in the set overall.  Not a very auspicious beginning.  Over the course of the match they kept giving and taking cracking blows and neither showed much signs of wearing.  Federer won the second set and seemed to have some momentum.  Fed had about 10 break points in the third set but did not capitalize on Nadal’s mistakes and was forced into a tie break.  Fed made too many errors and Nadal claimed the tie break.  The story of the match so far was Roger’s inability to serve a high percentage.  He went as low as like 40% first serves in the second set but managed to win that set.  For the match he ended up with a 52% first serve percentage.  Horrible stats for someone who knew he had to serve well in order to beat Nadal. 

Throughout the match I saw the most unbelievable gets and shots I have ever seen.  Both players showed why they were the cream of the crop and produced some of the most amazing points I had ever seen.  Federer to me still has the best forehand and used it greatly to his advantage and won a great deal of his points thanks to that side.  He firmed up his backhand as well and kept it flatter and I thought for a while that he had changed and was playing smart and could finally beat Rafa.  He used all these to his advantages and won the fourth set and pushed it to a deciding 5th. 

Federer came out flat and I had a really bad feeling.  After Nadal went up 4-1 I couldn’t watch my idol any more and turned of the television and went of to to sleep hoping to dream of a better result. 

Nope, I couldn’t even come up with a dream that had a different solution and Roger was beaten 6-2 in the deciding set.  I would later watch the highlights of the trophy presentation and see Roger come to tears and couldn’t even complete his sentences.  I felt disgusted and did not know who I was seeing.  It wasn’t the 13 time grand slam champion but a mere child who couldn’t move the rock that was Rafa Nadal. 

In the end Nadal proved that he was the best indeed and that the era of Federer complete dominance.  I have to this point despised Nadal for being the one hump that Roger couldn’t go over and kept him from the title of greatest ever, but I have realized that he isn’t going away and he has a better shot of gaining that title then Roger does. 

I will still cheer for Federer in future events but will never forget the images of him crying holding on to the runner up trophy, jealous of Nadal’s abilities and his own stubbornness to adapt to his toughest opponents weaknesses. 

Nothing is more defining then the pictures below:

56624072                                   fed crying win               

Oh how hard the great fall…… 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Apparently there is a NFL game tomorrow..

This might come as a surprise to some of you but there is actually a football game today.  I think its’ll come to me…give me a minute.  Oh yeah!  It’s the Super Bowl! 

Now I know most of you had no idea because it’s not like ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL network were talking about this game for the past week and every hour of the day.  No that would never happen.  I mean it’s not like there is anything else happening in the world that’s important. 

There isn’t much to say about the super bowl since every single person on this world is an analyst, self included, and has had their say about the teams and the game.

So here are my two cents. 

The Cardinals are an amazing story and everyone is rooting for them.  But let's be real people.  The Steelers aren’t from the NFC and have super bowl experience which as much as it is overstated it is still important to a teams success in the most watched event in the world.  I am just trying to come up with something to write here but I can’t because all those damn analysts on every network in the world has said it about a 1000 times already and I don’t want to sound like a broken record and repeat what they say. 

So I am just going to give you guys a pick.  I hate the Steelers not even going to try and lie.

Cardinals 17 Steelers 10.  You read it here.