Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dear newly realized Rangers fans..

Dear Rangers Fans,

Must be nice finally having a team that wins something. Trust me I know how that feels. My team usually puts out a team that has a pretty good chance of making the world series as opposed to making it once every 40 years amidst a change of identity (the rangers used to be the Washington Senators fyi you bandwagoners).

Congratulations on your first American League Pennant, you've beaten one of the greatest franchises in sports and I salute you. I mean it really is a great feat.

You guys make it to the world series once every 40 years, we average winning a world series every 4 years. So gloat, by all means.


Remember this, when you guys start missing the playoffs again and your prized possession, Cliff Lee, comes to the Yankees, I will be there to remind you of your cockiness at this time. More than half of you cheer for arlingtons other team because the cowboys are suffering from a case of the rangerspre2010lymphoma.

Somebody told me that the rangers players are kids who love playing guitar hero and marrying their high school sweethearts while the yankees are douchebags who sleep with beautiful celebrities, make tons of money and have tons of accolades. Honestly guys and gals, don't spin that BS now that not for one second would you like to play for the greatest team and make lots of money and sleep with beautiful women.

I'll say it right now. I'd drop whatever I'm doing like it's hot and be on the next leer jet to NY.

Also, the yankees are one of the most charitable teams in all of sports. When the Tsunami hit asia a few years back, the collective money from all of Major League Baseball donated to the relief was 1 million dollars.  The yankees by themselves matched that.

Don't talk trash yet, you haven't earned it. Realize that. Appreciate that your team is in a once in a lifetime situation and don't stoop so low and start crying Yuck Fankees.

You know what I mean

Yours Sincerely,

A True Yankee Fan.

P.S. Long Live The Empire.

Friday, October 1, 2010


To be a senior. I thought it meant being a badass in high school.

Clearly I didn't know much then.

The last six years have probably been the most formative of my life and probably for most of the people I consider friends today.

It's hard not to look back and think "what if?"

As somebody that is constantly thinking about what's going on in the world, I find it very difficult to forget things I swore I would forget.

Things that bothered me in high school still to this day somewhat irk me.

It seems like its always the little things that matter. I also remembered that I am very cliche.

I stumbled upon my high school yearbook. First off it reminded me how much of a goof I was then. Somethings never change I guess.

But the biggest thing was...god damit have I gotten huge since then. It's disgusting.

The only positive thing is that I can now grow a full beard as opposed to my half-assed pubescent one that I was sporting in my senior portrait. Here's a hint: It wasn't pretty. But you already knew that.

This my last year of undergrad, hopefully, and I think it's time to grow up.

Goals for the rest of the year:

1) Get healthy.  I don't wanna be swole, but I'd like to be able to run a 100 meters without dying.

2) Did I mention getting healthy? Oh right..well that again

3) Be serious about the future. It's happening with or without me. Time to shape up and decide what's what.

4) Finish of strong in school. People say its your experience that matters when it comes to getting a job.  That's true, but I don't think having a GPA above a 3.5 hurts either. I want to make that happen.

Four things. Four things I can achieve.

There are no rainy days for me anymore. 

You probably stopped reading after the title.  But that's alright. This is isn't for you.

It's for me.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

So I hungout with a few hundred rednecks the other day

The title is slightly misleading but exciting, insulting and often provacative headlines get people to read your stuff. So ya.

But I did.  I went to the Mesquite rodeo for the first time Friday evening.  Despite living in Texas for handfulla years I have never done the typical Texan thing and seen a rodeo show or seen the fabled  think of "cowboy."

I have some family in town and when they think of Texas they cows, guns and rednecks.  The rodeo gave them two out of three and guns could have possibly been in a few of the pickups I saw outside. Shotgun little buddy.

Not neccesarily like this, but close

It started out pretty well.  The amazing smell of horse and cow manure, the clacking of shit kickers (cowboy boots), pretty ladys, annoying children and many more southern delicacies.

I now hate children again after a kid proceeded to kick my head after he got way to excited about a dumb rodeo clown.

After my family and I got situated the rodeo announcer (had no idea what that guy was saying) asked the croud to join him in a prayer to jesus christ.  Now I don't hate this idea but the way he led up to the prayer is what annoyed me.  He said, "we live in the greatest nation ya'll where we can practice any relgion blah blah blah blah now lets pray to the one true god jesus christ". What the ....

So not a great start for moi.

Anyway a few fellas did some bareback horse riding or whatever, which was pretty tight.  Only maybe two of em lasted the 8 seconds to get a score or whatever.  Like this other events continued to happen with cowboys mostly eating dust.  It was entertaing but you know it wasn't mind blowing. 

The rodeo clowns themselves are a joke (pun intended).  Mesquite rodeo is graced by a fella named Leesle Harris or some shade of redneck name. 

I <3 clowns. Not really I just wanted to say "<3"
He shelled out quite a few "oh my god my wife is so fat, ugly, dumb" jokes.  Got a couple giggles from the crowd but it was "ight".  My family could barely understand the announcer so when redneck Harris came out they were finished, and by that I mean Texans will forever be considered slow folk in their eyes. 

Oh well, I love texas. 

It got pretty entertaining when little kids had to hold on for dear life when they rode out on sheep. 

Those kids were freaked out and maybe 2 of em lasted 5 feet.

God bless the rodeo for that little piece of entertainment cause in a way I felt like it was pay back for the annoying child from earlier.

Overall, I'd say the rodeo is an entertaining one time thing that any person who lives in Texas must attend.  However it does nothing but push forward the stereotype that we are slow, republican rednecks. But I'll allow it cause it's southern culture and with everybody stressing change these days, it's good to see that some things never change, especially children.

If I offended any rednecks reading this.  Well I am terribly sorry that...phew that was close.  What I meant to say is that I don't give a ....
Sometimes Judge Judy really gets me.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Geez it's been a while

To be cliché or not to be cliché. 

Four score and something Abe Lincoln said, I decided to have a blog(a sports one at that).  Well I have failed to maintain it.  But that's about to change. 

Due to unforeseen things such as my constant changing of majors and inability to suck it up and finish what I start (sounds familiar) I will be starting my 5th year in college this fall and it will be my last.  So I will blog 2-3 times a week the rest of the school year about what it's like to be a 5th year senior and a student editor of my college newspaper. 

First order of business: An update on what I've been doing all summer. 

This toad is tripping

  • Taking summer classes.  Not much is new here as long has it been know that as an Indian I am supposed to always be educating myself about something or another regardless of its relevance. 
  • Working at The Shorthorn, essentially as the online editor, yet I wasn't, but was..but wasn't? I don't know it all worked out in the end.  
  • I interned for Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County by producing videos that highlighted some of their clients, processes, volunteers and just general overview of the organization. 
Second: Why have I not updated

Screw it

I AM LAZY.  Surprise? No. Didn't think so. 

Now something to look forward to.  I will be the online editor of The Shorthorn this fall and it entails working long hours trying to make the website of the newspaper as great as possible.  I will be working with my staff to produce interactive graphics, pages and what not to supplement content placed on the webpage.  

I'll be taking 9 hours of classes.  TV reporting 1, Genetics (for my minor) and Personal and Social Deviance. 

So with that I will leave you with this enjoy. 

GoOd day I say

Monday, March 1, 2010

A leap of faith

Currently listening to : Let Go by frou frou from the Garden State soundtrack

If someone were to ask one of my friends the first thing that comes to mind when they think of me, musically inclined would not be at the top of the list.

The reason I even bring up this point is because the last couple of weeks I've had people come up to me and ask me what I like to listen to and essentially make judgment calls about my character based of off what's on my iPod. 

I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades in the sense that I try to be good and involved with as many different aspects of a media form as possible.  When it comes to music I can't tell you who my favorite band is because I am not devoted to anyone band or performer.  I have preferences just like anybody else but I don't go in and out of my way to see a band perform. 

Some people define their lives around music which is all great and I respect them for that but I am of the boat that music is not my life but an appendage to it.  I'll sit down and listen to one song for hours because it'll reflect something going on in my life right now. 

I've been to a couple of concerts sure. Rap, rock, electronica etc.  I have everything from The beatles to Young Joc on my iPod.  But one thing remains and that is my iPod isn't all that is me.

I make my ipod...not the other way. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

mother nature be mad

First of let me just say mama nature I'm sorry for not recylcing my trash last week.


WHAT THE HELL.  Another enormous earthquake in a third world country probably killing a bunch of more people and maybe more to come cause of tsunamis.  Listen I'm glad that there aren't earthquakes in Texas but comeonnnnnnnnn whats up with all the death and destruction.

Next time i spill some brew for my hommies I might have to think twice and pour down the drain in stead cause you seem to be freakin out with the shaky ground

Monday, February 8, 2010

That one game last night

As sunday rolled around I did what 100 million other people were doing and decided to pig out a little bit. 

Traditionally on the biggest sunday of the year I don't usually chow down too much not because I don't want to but cause I am a lazy guy sometimes and I hold down the fort when it comes to "Lazy Sunday."

But yesterday chowed down on some classic guacamole dip, nacho cheese, popping corn, and other jibber jabber that probably helped me gain back some of the 9 lbs I've been working off the past month.

Oh and I also watched the super bowl.  Commercials were half good.  Best one probably was the snickers one along with your usual "men are awesome" bud light ads.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Union of the State

Just watched the country's big cahuna deliver a long and somewhat amusing talk.  Mista Obama talked about a lot of important things today: economy, jobs, college, money, jobs some more, economy again, lil bita iraq and wars sprinkled on there.

Not to be biased or anything but I didn't watch all of the speech, not because I didn't think it was good, but mostly because it was a speech. In my simple college-going-mind that is the equivalent of my professor talking for about an hour and half, of which I am awake for 3 minutes (give or take 3 minutes).  But my favorite parts were when Obama busted out a couple of jokes.  Not hilarious or anything but he took a shot and congressman Joe Wilson.  Now that was pure brilliance.

Nice little jab at the dude who basically embarrassed himself by interrupting the president's speech last year.  After Obama said that they were going to cut taxes for everyone or something like that he looked over towards Wilson's area and smiled and said, "I'd thought I'd get a few claps for that."

Oh Barack...funny guy.

Keep it up chap and also do all that stuff republicans expect from you but couldn't do themselves like improving the economy, making college cheaper, being good speakers, getting shoes thrown at them and being unable to believe that Rita died in the season finale of Dexter.  Sorry folks...the episode was ridiculous.