Friday, August 20, 2010

Geez it's been a while

To be cliché or not to be cliché. 

Four score and something Abe Lincoln said, I decided to have a blog(a sports one at that).  Well I have failed to maintain it.  But that's about to change. 

Due to unforeseen things such as my constant changing of majors and inability to suck it up and finish what I start (sounds familiar) I will be starting my 5th year in college this fall and it will be my last.  So I will blog 2-3 times a week the rest of the school year about what it's like to be a 5th year senior and a student editor of my college newspaper. 

First order of business: An update on what I've been doing all summer. 

This toad is tripping

  • Taking summer classes.  Not much is new here as long has it been know that as an Indian I am supposed to always be educating myself about something or another regardless of its relevance. 
  • Working at The Shorthorn, essentially as the online editor, yet I wasn't, but was..but wasn't? I don't know it all worked out in the end.  
  • I interned for Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County by producing videos that highlighted some of their clients, processes, volunteers and just general overview of the organization. 
Second: Why have I not updated

Screw it

I AM LAZY.  Surprise? No. Didn't think so. 

Now something to look forward to.  I will be the online editor of The Shorthorn this fall and it entails working long hours trying to make the website of the newspaper as great as possible.  I will be working with my staff to produce interactive graphics, pages and what not to supplement content placed on the webpage.  

I'll be taking 9 hours of classes.  TV reporting 1, Genetics (for my minor) and Personal and Social Deviance. 

So with that I will leave you with this enjoy. 

GoOd day I say

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