Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dear newly realized Rangers fans..

Dear Rangers Fans,

Must be nice finally having a team that wins something. Trust me I know how that feels. My team usually puts out a team that has a pretty good chance of making the world series as opposed to making it once every 40 years amidst a change of identity (the rangers used to be the Washington Senators fyi you bandwagoners).

Congratulations on your first American League Pennant, you've beaten one of the greatest franchises in sports and I salute you. I mean it really is a great feat.

You guys make it to the world series once every 40 years, we average winning a world series every 4 years. So gloat, by all means.


Remember this, when you guys start missing the playoffs again and your prized possession, Cliff Lee, comes to the Yankees, I will be there to remind you of your cockiness at this time. More than half of you cheer for arlingtons other team because the cowboys are suffering from a case of the rangerspre2010lymphoma.

Somebody told me that the rangers players are kids who love playing guitar hero and marrying their high school sweethearts while the yankees are douchebags who sleep with beautiful celebrities, make tons of money and have tons of accolades. Honestly guys and gals, don't spin that BS now that not for one second would you like to play for the greatest team and make lots of money and sleep with beautiful women.

I'll say it right now. I'd drop whatever I'm doing like it's hot and be on the next leer jet to NY.

Also, the yankees are one of the most charitable teams in all of sports. When the Tsunami hit asia a few years back, the collective money from all of Major League Baseball donated to the relief was 1 million dollars.  The yankees by themselves matched that.

Don't talk trash yet, you haven't earned it. Realize that. Appreciate that your team is in a once in a lifetime situation and don't stoop so low and start crying Yuck Fankees.

You know what I mean

Yours Sincerely,

A True Yankee Fan.

P.S. Long Live The Empire.

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