Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Union of the State

Just watched the country's big cahuna deliver a long and somewhat amusing talk.  Mista Obama talked about a lot of important things today: economy, jobs, college, money, jobs some more, economy again, lil bita iraq and wars sprinkled on there.

Not to be biased or anything but I didn't watch all of the speech, not because I didn't think it was good, but mostly because it was a speech. In my simple college-going-mind that is the equivalent of my professor talking for about an hour and half, of which I am awake for 3 minutes (give or take 3 minutes).  But my favorite parts were when Obama busted out a couple of jokes.  Not hilarious or anything but he took a shot and congressman Joe Wilson.  Now that was pure brilliance.

Nice little jab at the dude who basically embarrassed himself by interrupting the president's speech last year.  After Obama said that they were going to cut taxes for everyone or something like that he looked over towards Wilson's area and smiled and said, "I'd thought I'd get a few claps for that."

Oh Barack...funny guy.

Keep it up chap and also do all that stuff republicans expect from you but couldn't do themselves like improving the economy, making college cheaper, being good speakers, getting shoes thrown at them and being unable to believe that Rita died in the season finale of Dexter.  Sorry folks...the episode was ridiculous.

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