Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some things are just meant to be...

So I am sitting watching tv right?

And sports is on the tv right?

And Arod is up and needs 2 homers and 7 rbis to extend his streak of having 30 hrs and 100 rbis in a season right?

And what does he do? Right?!?

He hits a 3 run HR and a Grand slam or a 4 run HR in one inning to knock out both milestones on the last game of the regular season right?

Incredible right?

Doesn't matter if he goes 1 for 30 in the post season right?

But you have a feeling this is a different season right?

You may hate the yankees but you see that even if they are a bunch of spoiled rich kids..they are excellent baseball players right?

So is it safe to say that the yankees are going to be a lot better this post season right?

Well in this biased bloggers book, that is totally right!

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