Saturday, December 27, 2008

You know what really grinds my gears.....

Thought 1:
Whenever I see the bottom scroller on ESPN and it displays the times and teams of future games I always end up throwing up a little bit in my mouth. I am of course talking about the audacity of ESPN to predict "America's Vote". After showing the game they display a poll that apparently shows the completely opinion and knowledge of all Americans and who they think is going to win this particular game. For example in the Champ Sports Bowl: Florida State vs Wisconsin, America voted 82.3% in favor of Florida State winning this game. I have nothing against taking fan polls to see who they think is going to win the game but when you put the name of "America's Vote" it makes me feel like ESPN thinks far to highly of them and that they know all and are the end all of all things sports if they feel like they have the power to deem who "America" thinks is going to win a college football game.

Thought 2:
The freakin BCS. Ever since its induction it had caused controversy after controversy. Whether it was auburn going undefeated in a tough SEC a couple of years back or if it was the Texas Longhorns who beat Oklahoma on neutral field by 10 points but still do not end up in the National Championship game. The complicated and "intricate" way that the BCS calculating is honestly unkown to 99% of college football fans yet this computation determines their teams future. Now what about florida. They lost to an unranked Ole Miss team at the time at their own house. Now that is down right embarassing. If you are the reigning champs and you loose at home I think you are automatically out. Texas lost at an incredibally rowdy and fierce atmosphere in Lubbock on an amazing last second play, yet none of this goes into the calculations for a teams BCS ranking. Its complete crap and I couldn't be more disgusted. Hopefully the president elect does push around some of his weight as he said he will to push for a College playoff system. Just like the nike ad says, "Success isn't calculated, it is earned." Nuf said.

Thought 3:
Yankee haters and of teams who spend money to improve their team. This blind hatred of the Yankees for dishing out money to free agents to help improve their team is utter nonsense. The haters primary argument is that the Yankees are "buying championships." First and foremost each and every team is paying their players to win and put up numbers that will bring them to the World Series, so every team technically is trying to "buy a championship." Second if my team had the money to bring in star free agents but chose not to because they would rather develop young an inexperienced players I would be furious. What a joke. All this hatred is simple jealousy because people want to scream in outcry because they don't have the money flexibility the yankees do thanks to their glorious histroy and prestigous brand name. This has led to various small markey GM's to beg for a salary cap. The brewers general manage Doug Melvin whined right after the yankees signed Texiera about needing a salary cap because they couldn't compete with the money the yankees are spending. All I hear is waaaah waaaah waaaaah! Come on, seriously it is called survival of the fittest and whatever the yankees are doing is completely under the rules.

That's what really grinds my gears...right now.


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