Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Something to ponder

Why are fans so connected with teams or players?

I sit down almost everyday of the week wondering how my yankees are going to do today or how the longhorns are gonna do in the first half of their game this weekend. 

I don't know why I am so attached to an entity that is supposed to be simply for entertainment purposes but has the ability to ruin my day, weekend, week or hell sometimes even month.  But the contrary to that is the joy of your seeing your team do well and show promise and come out on top and rub it in my friends faces who talk smack. 


Well here is what I think and probably many more as well but I am going to write it any way cause that's what blogging is right?

i)  It is my escape from my inescapable life:
- I go to college and I hate it.  Don't get me wrong I love getting an education and learning and seeing all these fabulous advancements in technology and education but I honestly just don't like inputting copious amounts of information in to my head that I probably won't use in the real world.  But as my college see's fit they give us "general requirements" that are supposed to better us and be as smart as those overworked asian folks who seem to be grabbing all the jobs. 
Sports allow me to come home watch a game, check the score, watch an amazing play, see a competition and experience something that many other people are experiencing.

ii)  Everybody likes sports in some form or fashion and gives me the opportunity to talk about it with other people.  I just like talking about the game last night or a play or even a bad play or just the state of a team with a friend or co worker. 

iii)  Sporting events and stadiums are just so freaking epic.  The sheer size of a stadium makes me loose my speech.  I have yet to go inside the cowboys stadium but that thing just looks epic.  I went to every longhorns football game last year in Darrel K Royal Memorial Stadium and when the croud chants in unision "TEXAS!! FIGHT!!"" I get chills down the back of my spine. 

These are some things I love about sports and I am sure there are more but I can't think of them right now but will probably soon and slap my head for it.  But that's okay I have a blog and I can write whatever I want. 

Till next time


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