Monday, September 28, 2009


Wow so it is a lot harder to maintain a blog than I thought.

After attempting to make a some what knowledgeable yet "witty" web log I realized it is a serious pain to do it everyday and I tip my hat to those ardent bloggers who keep it up.

But lets update shall we.

The last time I blogged:

i)Everyone on earth(well except people still bitching about obama) were cussin out the yankees cause they had a bad start to the season. What happened next?

They went on to win the divison, the best record in the league, best record in baseball.

I think they did alright don't you? Let's see how they go through with it cause that is what's important.

ii) Cristiano Ronaldo still played for Manchester United. Well turns out he was worth a pretty penny as he was sold to the ever in-debt Real madrid. A cool 80 million pounds sounded real good to united who cashed in and brought in some more young players and guess where they are one month into the new season. You guessed it folks. FIRST.

Presidents come and go, the end of the world is off and on, it's cold one hour and hot the next in texas, but Manchester United and the New York Yankees seem to some how always find a way to to the top.

Obviously there have been copious other sports related things that have happened and there will plenty of time to talk about all that in the days to come. Just gota wait another 6 months folks.

Alrighty see ya in the spring.

No No it will probably be sooner than that....I hope.

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