Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to not remove a security tag

I purchased a suit for my sisters engagement and not going to lie it was pretty nice. However the geniuses at macys forgot to remove that plastic security tag thingy and it didn't even beep when we exited the store. 2 weeks later I realize that my suit jacket still has the tag and being the lazy bum that I explored ways to remove it shoplifter style.

Step I: Open computer and google "how to remove tag thingy on clothing."

Step II: Unsuccessful search. Retry. Reword. "How to remove security tag from clothes?"

Step III: Eureka. Instructional videos on youtube posted to help bums like me.

Step IV: Take break. Check facebook. Stalk people. Now Check the video.

Step IV: Realize I do not have a bent screw driver and attempt to do procedure using a coat hanger.

Step V: Try and try to force open the dam thing. Apply voodoo curses. Sweet talk and ask the tag nicely to disengage from your expensive suit so that hopefully you won't destroy the suit by accident out of anger.

Step VI: Decide a career in shoplifting isn't in the cards for me. Think about going to macys today to have them remove thing. Have a tube light moment and remember I am lazy and procrastinate the job to tomorrow(hopefully).

Step VII: Check facebook. Update status. Eat lunch. Watch the NFC championship game on TV feeling accomplished.

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