Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What’s with the grunting..seriously?

Now I have been following tennis for a while and have loved almost every aspect of it.  But one thing that I just can’t get past is certain women tennis players grunting like wild boars after each and every shot they play.  Now I know the argument is that they are just trying really really hard and trying to hit the skin of the ball every time and this leads to them releasing their inner “uruk-hai” and scream at the top of the lungs that would even shatter a windshield.  Now I am not just trying to single out women here because there are many men who grunt when they play their shots such as Guga Kuerten. 

But seriously ladies.  You guys grunt even when you play a drop shot.  Come on.  There is never a record of Steffi Graff grunting but she managed to win a couple of grand slams I think.  But ever since Serena and Venus Williams stepped on to the tennis stage grunting has taken over women’s tennis like a fad.  I feel like these players think that they have to grunt in order to be real competitors.  For example Sharapova, Dementieva, Serena, Venus and now even this little girl have grunted all the way to the news stands.

I am sitting here watching the first women’s semifinal at the 2009 Australian open between Serena Williams(2) vs Elena Dementieva(4).  These two women have been orchestrating an incredible amount of “melodies” between them but seem to be able to turn of their cries even during points.  I don’t get this.  They grunt for some of the point then just stop and are quiet even though they hit the ball and run just as hard. 

I am all for effort but they just take it to the next level.  We have to be real here.  Most tennis players don’t let out these tribal cries but for those who do please be considerate of the audience and provide ear muffs. 

Oh and one another thing.  Not to pick on Serena or anything but a friend of mine photo-shopped the picture below and I had to give it to him.  The uruk-hai of lord of the rings and serena do look awfully similar not because of the color of their skin or any of that.  But just look at them..their both ridiculously muscular and look like they could eat a child.  I am just saying..that’s all.

uruk hai child               Uruk Hai         

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  1. i'm gonna grunt everytime i bubble in an answer on a multiple choice exam. i think this may help my scores.