Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What is the most difficult sport to be in?

Been a long weekend and difficult to write about things other than the fact that my sister is now married, well kind of.  Very happy for her and wish Vidya and Vivek a very happy married life, kind of. 

But I also found out that people actually have read this blog.  Which is flattering to know that even one person has read your material no matter how much they agree or disagree with what I have to say. 

Now I have never been a runner, cyclist or any sort of track and field star.  I had my hay day as a tennis player in high school and gladly told people I was my team captain.  Now I am biased to tennis and have always felt that it is a very challenging sport that requires a lot of physical strength as well as endurance. 

So this weekend someone told me that cycling, supposedly considered a sport(something I will talk about other day) should be recognized as the most demanding and difficult sport.  Now I feel that cycling is a very demanding sport as you have to bike for extreme amounts of length and requires a great amount of concentration and over al physical fitness.  But when I thought of a difficult sport to play that required those most amount of physical fitness would be football, soccer, and something like that.  Cycling just is not on my radar, even if poster boy Lance Armstrong has won a million races and is trying make a “comeback”, and probably never will. 

Now I was thrown all this scientific data like V2 max or something like that supporting cycling saying that they have the lowest resting heart rate and the most pristine examples of fitness.  Cyclists travel north of 50 miles with out stopping up inclines and down fast slopes. 

Now I am probably never going to appreciate cycling for what it is, but I figured that I would give it some due credit.  I would rather play tennis for 4 hours in Australia rather then bike 70 miles up and down mountains in France.  So here’s to cycling! Wu Hu! But it still isn’t a real sport and that is all.


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